Carousel, Bonus Rounds, and Themes


A slot is a key area to play in a hockey game. It is the area where the chance of scoring without deflection is greatest. Shooting from the slot is more accurate as the player has a straight-on view of the net. The slot is usually low to allow for wrist shots, but defenders will set up a no-man’s land in this area. There are a few different types of slots: Carousel, Bonus rounds, and Themes. Read on to find the best slot for you.

Payback percentage

Most land-based casinos use cumulative return percentages to promote their slot machines. A land-based casino might claim that their quarter machines return 97% of their bets if the player is lucky. Such promotions are deceptive as the percentage may only be true for some machines that are in operation. To avoid this problem, players should always consult the paytables of all the games at the venue to determine the percentage that suits their needs.

While slot payback percentages may vary, the average is approximately 90% for the fiscal year ending June 2018. The average payback percentage is based on the minimum coin denomination, and the higher the denomination, the higher the RTP. This means that slot machines with a minimum coin denomination of $1 will return on average $90. A higher denomination will yield higher payback percentages, as will lower denomination machines. In addition to low-cost machines, high-quality casinos are always careful to provide unbiased payout information.

Bonus rounds

If you are looking for ways to increase your slot playing experience, try bonus rounds. These bonus features can be unlocked by landing a specific combination of symbols in the game’s base game. While bonus rounds are not typically designed to be large-scale winning opportunities, they can add a whole new level of fun and excitement to your gaming experience. Bonus rounds are not required to earn cash or prizes, and most online casinos provide them to players for free.

In most cases, a bonus round is triggered by random event, so players may be given two chances to win a prize. Random bonus rounds are often awarded by the main character in the slot game, and can involve free respins or extra symbols. A bonus round can increase your winning potential in the base game by several times. These games also provide more chances to win on subsequent spins. This makes them an excellent way to increase your winning potential.


Themes for slot machines are what set them apart from other games in the casino. Themes can be anything that players are familiar with, including famous characters, animals, and even behind-the-scenes stories. Popular themes include horror, which is a popular genre and has inspired many classic characters and monsters in games. Themes are often chosen to appeal to players who may not be familiar with the themes of other games. If you’re wondering which themes to use for your next slot game, keep reading.

Ancient civilizations are another popular theme in slot games. Ancient civilizations are symbolic of beauty and poise, and many people love to play games featuring them. Many top software providers have embraced this theme, and IGT seems to have the largest collection of ancient civilization slots. Themes for slot games must be aligned with their customers’ interests to keep them playing. Themes that involve storytelling are a sure fire way to engage a large number of players.


When it comes to the mechanics of the Carousel slot, it uses the BEM package, which means that it has almost no inheritance. The package stores the items that make up the slider. These include the index, field name, and the gap between the items. The regular symbols in the game pay out from two to 200 coins, but the bonus wild and scatter symbols can increase your winnings significantly. The following are a few tips to use when playing the Carousel slot.

In the base game, the horse is the scatter symbol. Three scatters will award 12 free games. You can re-trigger the free games as many times as you want. The wild symbol will appear on reel three during free spins and magnify your winnings. During bonus rounds, you can re-trigger the Bonus feature by spinning in additional carousel symbols. If you spin in three or more clown symbols, you’ll get another chance to win big.